Sunday, October 21, 2012

An Autumn Day Enjoyed

Hi Lovelies!

I thought I'd share some of my photos from when we went to the farm.  It was a beautiful day, sunny and warm at Lone Pine Farms. It was teaming with families of all ages picking out pumpkins and enjoying the many activities that are going on there up until Halloween.
 We went to the U-Pick Flower garden first and I was able to capture Mr. Bumble Bee.  
 The birds were taking advantage of the sunflower seeds that were left and had stripped several flowers of all their seeds.  I liked this little group of flowers that had been picked clean, devoid of their pretty yellow petals and leaves, they reminded me of bristle brushes.  I especially liked the nice color combo with the blues, greens and natural earth tones.
 Speaking of color, I placed a little orange pumpkin on a cart full of white pumpkins.  Loved the contrast.  This little squash (below) was sitting pretty among many.  I had never seen any this color before!
After wandering through the flower garden and seeing all the spectacular produce we headed out back where they had set up two little towns for the kids to play and for photo opportunities.  There was the Lone Pine Trading Post.
 The Sheriff's Office, right next a mine shaft...
 Austyn's Livery complete with old horse tack...
The General Store - I love their little tin roofs and flower boxes...
 Of course, the Lone Pine Saloon complete with swinging shutter doors...
 and Hayden's Post Office & Telegraph.
There are wagon rides complete with draft horses out to the pumpkin patch to pick your very own perfect pumpkin, petting zoo with goats, sheep and rabbits.  Free range chickens to see and more.  Lone Pine Farms has the largest corn maze in the area that is a terrific workout during the day with the little ones as you follow clues to lead you through to the finish but at night it becomes haunted and is a great draw for the thrill seekers, teens and adults as chainsaw welding spooks chase you through haunted graveyards, zombie filled school buses and other spine chilling thrills.  We've taken our youth group several years in the past and it is definitely a creepy scream-filled experience!
But during the day the spooks are resting and after picking out our pumpkins we stopped by their store where you can pick from other local vendors jams, jellies, chocolates, Carmel corn, and sauces that compliment their fresh produce, and of course, carmeled apples, apple cider with homemade apple-cinnamon and pumpkin flavored donuts.

If you'd like more information on the activities at Lone Pine this season you can go here

This is what we do on an autumn day in Oregon, how do you celebrate fall in you neck of the woods?  Comment below and share with me your adventures.

Be Blessed ~

Disclaimer: I have not been sponsored or been provided any compensation for my post or to promote Lone Pine Farms.  The opinions shared are my own and I am not affiliated with them in any way.  I just like sharing great places that I've been with my readers.

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