Thursday, October 11, 2012

In the meantime...

Hi Lovelies -
I woke up Saturday morning with many tasks on my to-do list.  I have so many unfinished projects right now, but it was cleaning day. Time to get serious about...
  • Laundry
  • Dishes
  • Clean the cat box
  • Sweep the kitchen
and the list went on...
At one point, with broom in hand I went out onto my front porch to sweep down the cobwebs and got sidetracked looking at how beautiful my hydrangeas were that were drying there...

I noticed the blues, the purples, the greens and the pinks and just marveled at them for a minute.
Ever get that way?
I looked at my half finished dresser that has been sitting under the front walkway (to my neighbors' dismay) and thought I bet the flowers would look great arranged on top of that so I dropped everything else and began to play with the hydrangeas. Nope not quite right, went in and grabbed a vase, too tall. Grabbed a bucket, yep, that works!

Once the flowers were arranged I thought they needed a focal point so I scouted around for something and decided on the little cherub statue holding a puppy that Mr. Man had bought for me earlier in the year representing the passing of our dear Springer Spaniels, Molly and Lucy. I loved the little arrangement once it was finished so I grabbed my camera and took a few shots.
What do you think?
It was a nice break to be spontaneous and creative from my to-do-list.
The dresser isn't done yet but in the meantime when I look at it, its a source of inspiration instead of a source of stress, a project not done, another to-do on my long list of chores, and its a nice tribute to my pups who adored spending time with me in the front yard.

Remember in our journey for perfection, life happens in the meantime. Stop and enjoy it!

Be Blessed...

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