Thursday, October 4, 2012

I Love Freebies...

Hi Friends,

Just a quick post to share with you some of my freebies I've gotten on some of my junking trips this summer and what I plan to use them for...

The hubby and I collected almost all the items below at a sweet retiree's sale one Saturday: 
  • 4 clear hard plastic plates which I will be decorating for Halloween, 
  • a tea kettle with a missing lid that will be planted come spring with some annuals, 
  • 4 plastic blue cups which I used to mix up some milk paint and grout for projects, 
  • a spool of curly ribbon in several colors (to add that special something to birthday gifts), 
  • a muffin tin that has seen better days (which I will use in a drawer for separating some of my smaller craft items), 
  • a glass bottle (for a simple posy holder), 
  • a terrifically patina rich green tool box which I haven't decided if I want to use it as a tool box or something else... and,
  • a metal box which used to house an Irish adult beverage in a previous life.  I may use it to hold playing cards for the hubby's man-den or give to my son to put his Sharpie pens and Copic markers in.

We also brought home some other great finds from this sale, including a bike for $10.00 for the hubby!

I scored when I saw the Old English Scratch Cover in the freebie box at this sale that I came upon while junking with my girlfriend and S.I.L. (Sista-in-Law). I use this not only to cover scratches but to distress furniture and there was just enough in there to finish a project!  The potting shovel was a cast off from someone but the handle appeared to be in good shape still so I will spray a coat or two of Rustoleum spray paint on it in a bright color and be ready come spring for planting bulbs.

What freebies have you scored lately?  Share your finds in the comment section below.

Be Blessed...


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    1. Thanks Stan - i appreciate you checking out my blog. Check back often ill be posting some recent projects ive completed this last month.


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