Thursday, January 3, 2013

Mr. Man's Recycled Wood Fireplace Door

Hi Lovelies -

I hope your holidays were safe and enjoyable.  Sorry that I was absent for the month of December.  I took a much needed break.  With the new year I wanted to share with you a project that Mr. Man built from supplies we had on hand to keep the draft from the open fireplace from creeping in when it isn't in use.
This is the finished door spruced up for the holidays with a little greenery, some sugar pine cones, ribbon and glimmery beaded picks.  Nice huh?  I know... I am lucky - Mr. Man is a keeper!

Here's what he started with...
This was my attempt at trying to label the photo (unsuccessfully I might add... I see you cant read it very well).  The first arrow is pointing to the recycled spray-painted plywood we had, cut to fit the opening of the fireplace.
 The second arrow is pointing to the cedar fence posts left over from another project which he cut a little longer than the piece of plywood so that they would completely cover the plywood.  There are six pieces of cedar fencing that are attached with black fencing screws.  Next he used scrap lumber to outline a square and attached those as well.  Finally, he added the x to complete the basic barn door appearance.
He purchased black wrought iron looking hinges and attached them (without the hinge) to the the top and bottom of the frame with screws and attached two black decorative handles so that the door can be easily removed.  This fits in snug to the fireplace opening once in place.
Once Mr. Man was done with construction I wanted to protect the wood and make it a bit more rustic looking (like an aged barn door should) and stained it with dark stain.
Here is another photo once the door was completed.  It is the perfect addition to our living room and an terrific use of materials we had laying around.  I'm just so excited how awesome this project turned out!
What projects have you made from materials you had on hand?  I'd love to hear from you so please share in the comments below.

Be Blessed ~

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