Friday, August 24, 2012

Some girls dream of diamonds, I dream of galvanized metal

I got to my hairdresser's a little early the other day so with some time to spare I ventured out into the neighborhood to take a look around...

I grabbed myself a cup of tea and a Bhalla roll at a local deli and sat outside and enjoyed the sun for a bit, went into a terrific kitchen store and found a popover pan for the hubby that he'd been wanting and decided to stroll around the Tru-Value store across the street.

From the backside it didn't look like much but after I stepped in I realized I had died and gone to junk heaven!

I'll let you in on a secret, I LOVE METAL! GALVANIZED, NEW, OLD, RUSTY, CRIMPED, FLAT, STRAIGHT OR TWISTED they had it all right here in the gutter/roofing section. I began snapping pics of all sorts of metal and envisioning what it was telling me it wanted to become.

For instance, these gutter guards were whispering,
"Take me home, I'd be a great votive candle holder" and this one shouted to me, "What about us? You know you want to make mini lampshades out of us."

Then I went to the next aisle, there was rolls of metal, big and small. 
These said, "Buy us and we'll keep you busy for weeks with all the uses you can imagine!"

The aisles just kept talking to me...

The numbers - which I adore in so many different colors, sizes and fonts...

There was twine and rope, jute and nylon. Spool after spool all there in neat orderly fashion, baskets or shelves, rows and rows of wonderful raw materials just waiting to be taken home and loved!
Sorry for the wonky photos, I took these on my IPhone and the lighting and clarity are lacking (could it have been because of my hand shaking with pure joy?)

I think one of the reasons I loved the Tru-Value was the organization.  Everything had a place, accessible, labeled and categorized.  This is the bulk section... 

I was trying to figure out if I bought one of these nail dividers (below) what I would put into it.  The question is not what would I, the question would be what wouldn't I?  I had visions of using this in my closet (if I had one that big) and put all my clothes in each bin, twirling it around each morning to make my selection of the day... the upper level for undies, bras, socks and tights, middle sections for t-shirts, sweaters, jeans, pjs, and long-johns.  The bottom level would be terrific for holding my shoes, boots and flip-flops! 
I would love to have one of these nail scales at my house!
Then I realized there was another level...
Upstairs had so much more -
Had to skim this floor, it was time for my hair appointment so I quickly snapped these pics of some handles I loved (Sometimes I will include the price in the photo so I can compare selection and price from store to store.)

And their customer service was terrific!  I asked if they had a section for lighting, wiring and such and the salesman who helped me took me over to a little cabinet full of pieces to personalize any lighting whim I could ever dream of...

While some girls dream of diamonds, I dream of hardware!  
Where are some of your favorite places to search out wonderful finds?
Leave me a comment or a link of your "diamonds".

Be Blessed -

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