Friday, July 20, 2012

Raspberries & Roses

Hi all!

I grabbed my camera the other day to take photos of my raspberries that have just exploded with the mix of sun and rain we have had lately.  Our raspberries are beautiful this year.  We have them in our front side yard and years ago we planted them over there thinking we would build a fence between our neighbors and us but the fence has yet to go up.  The raspberries have really thrived here.  In fact, they are taking over the side yard!

When we first moved in to our home there were these 2 pitiful looking rosebushes next to the rhodies.  I love roses because they remind me of my mom and growing up.  My dad would buy her a new type of rosebush for events like her birthday and their anniversary.  They lined the back fence and smelled so heavenly!  Since then, I have always wanted to have roses in our yard.  However, these little red beauties were anything but lovely at that time so we chopped them down to the nubs and hoped for the best.

Over time, the roses and the raspberries have intertwined, they make for beautiful companions, except when it comes to picking the raspberries in that area - watch out for the thorns!

This little spider didnt seem to mind my camera and I managed to get a decent shot of him.

During this photo shoot I took my camera off the auto setting and switched to manual trying out some of the different ISO settings and shutter speeds.  Some of these photos are a bit blurry or over-exposed but you can't get it right unless you practice, practice, 


About that time, my kitty, Roxxy came over to see what I was doing.  She has to be anywhere there is work going on and she was determined to distract me from my original subject by rubbing up against me and constantly getting in my shot.  So naturally what does any papparazzi do?

 I followed the diva, of course!

Her attention shifted to the bird up on the roof and Roxxy began making the oddest sounds that I have ever heard before.  

Maybe that was her, "bird watch" alert sound because from out of nowhere my other kitty, Penelope (or Little P as we call her) suddenly appeared in the tall grass.  She stealthfully crept through the "jungle" and joined Roxxy on the hunt.  The birds started in on their chattering to each other and my raspberry and roses shoot was no more.

I got some beautiful shots of Penelope looking through the grass.

Then just as quickly as it started, they lost interest and went to find something else to go "stalk".  Since my subjects had fled I resumed taking photos of my yard.

Raspberries and red, white and blue - junksterchick style!

Please share in the comments below what you like best about your front yard.

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  1. What a sweet blog! I am laughing because my "junior high" sewing experience was similar to yours! I too had to make a skirt, I hated learning to sew (no, I've never regretted that! lol) the minute I got my C, I walked toward the door and dropped it in the trash can on my way out, never to sew another piece of clothing again! lol I'm the same way with stained glass, I make pieces for others and don't have one in my own house! Wonder if it was the trauma of sewing! lol Thanks for sharing! Going to try your necklace disk idea for a Church Christmas sale!

    1. @ One of The Wildwomen: Thanks for your response and for checking out my site. Let me know how your necklaces turn out for your Church Christmas sale, I'd love to see your version.


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