Wednesday, June 6, 2012


I love to look through magazines, to see the rooms and areas in which people find their creativeness, what they surround themselves with, what inspires them, and what and who influences their art, craft or creation.

I found the following quote in the magazine, by Kelly Rae Roberts and I believe that it sums up all those things quite nicely…


I especially like the fact that there are messy hands in the background, as one creates ideas can spill out of one’s soul like paint, sloppy, messy and incredibly liquid at times.  Other times, it needs to be coaxed, chipped away at until the final product is such that it is complete.  Many times, for me however, it is a reminder of the process and not the product, I can get very tied up in the end product and I don’t realize that the process itself is just as important.

This blog is an attempt at showing what I have done in the way of that creative outlet, through furniture, crafts, writing and photography.  Hopefully, showing the process in a way that is inspiring to you, allowing you to create your own style and a place where those ideas and influences can be shared with each other.

Thanks for stopping by.  I hope you do again soon.  I look forward to your feedback.
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